Bear Cubs

Once a Scout has completed the second grade, or is 9 years old, the road towards the Bear Badge begins! Just as in Wolves, there are many exciting and interesting things to do. There are 24 Bear achievements in four different categories. The Scout must complete 12 of these to earn the Bear badge. These requirements are somewhat more difficult and challenging than those for Wolf. An adult member of the scout’s family approves all work and signs off in the scout handbook. When a scout has completed twelve of the 24 achievements, they have earned the right to wear the Bear badge which is presented at a ceremony during a Pack Meeting.


In the story of Mowgli’s Brothers, the young boy named Mowgli is brought before the Wolf pack council for a decision on whether he may join the pack. Akela the leader asks whether anyone will speak for the man cub. Baloo the bear, who teaches the wolf cubs the law of the pack, says that he will. As he grows older, Baloo teaches Mowgli the law of the pack and the secret words that let him talk to the jungle animals.


Bear cub scout emblem

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