The Webelos Badge is for scouts who have completed third grade, or who are ten years old. The Webelos rank is the first step to transition towards a Scouts BSA troop. As the scouts complete the achievements in the Webelos Scout Book, they will work on Activity Badges. These are age-appropriate projects for older Cub Scouts. Activity badges are sorted into five discipline-related groups. They are the Community Group, the Mental Skills Group, the Outdoor Group, the Physical Skills Group, and the Technology Group. Activity Badges can be displayed on the front of the Webelos cap or on the Webelos Colors. During this period, the Webelos Scout should also begin to attend meetings led by adults, and become more familiar with the Scout BSA requirements.

Webelos Uniform
As Webelos Scouts, the scouts have the option of wearing the Cub Scout Blue Uniform or the Khaki Uniform. Specific to Webelos are: Webelos Hat, Webelos Belt Buckle, Webelos Patrol Patch, Webelos Colors, and Webelos Neckerchief and Slide.

Webelos Badges
As soon as the scout starts earning Activity Pins, they begin working towards their Webelos Badge. The Webelos rank is the fourth rank in Cub Scouting. As part of their Webelos badge work, they will need to earn three Activity Pins, each one from a different Activity Pin Group. One of the requirements is earning the Fitness Activity Pin from the Physical Skills Group. The other two Activity Pins may be from the Mental Skills, Community, Technology or Outdoor Group. After earning the Webelos badge, they will wear it on their left shirt pocket.


Compass Points
The Compass Points Emblem is awarded after the Webelos has earned the Webelos badge and four additional activity Pins. The emblem hangs from the button of the right pocket of the uniform shirt. A metal compass point is presented for each additional four Activity Pins earned, to be affixed to the emblem in the East, South, or West positions. A total of three compass points, plus the emblem, may be earned, representing 16 Activity Pins beyond the Webelos badge.


Webelos Badge Color Diamond

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